Technical Features

SafeFine Logo 4 mm SafeFine Logo 5 mm SafeFine Logo 6 mm SafeFine Logo 8 mm SafeFine Logo 12 mm
SafeFine® 4 mm iğne SafeFine® 5 mm iğne SafeFine® 6 mm iğne SafeFine® 8 mm iğne SafeFine® 12 mm iğne
Needle Options 4 mm x 0,23 mm (32G) 5 mm x 0,25 mm (31G) 6 mm x 0,23 mm (31G) 8 mm x 0,25 mm (31G) 12 mm x 0,33 mm (29G)
Needle Quantity 100 Pieces
Compatibility All insulin pens with screw thread
  • ISO-13485-2003 Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
  • ISO 9001 Certificate
Pen-Needle features
  • Technological property reducing pain sensation with 3-angle laser cutting
  • It provides comfortable insulin infusion with “thin wall” technology
  • Gentle and painless injection thanks to silicone coating
Artikel No NB-1-04 NB-2-05 NB-3-06 NB-4-08 NB-5-012
European PZN 11096428 11096440 11096457 11096463 11096486
Turkey Barcode No          

A diverse range of needle tips

SafeFine prioritizes patient preferences and offers a variety of sterile pen needles. Pen needles are available in five sizes to meet the diverse needs of patients.